Plants in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

About Plants in Silver Lake

We are The Plant Provocateur. Servicing Silver Lake, Los Angeles and all surrounding areas. Providing indoor plants, ceramic pots and botanical apothecary. We help you care for your indoor plants by providing knowledge and care instructions for all plants in Los Angeles.


Hank Jenkins

Creator and curator.

What started years ago as a Pop-Up Shop around LA has since evolved into a word of mouth, secret grotto-of-greenery Plant Shop nestled in Silver Lake. A sanctuary filled with unique, hard to find, rare, and beautiful plants.

What is The Plant Provocateur about? It's about connecting you to an experience of botanical beauty and plant inspired wellness. It’s about the person who wants to discover or fortify their love of plants and botanical inspiration. It’s about the individual that is looking to bring the outside world in, experience and cherish plants before they disappear from existence, as well as, get inspired to know and grow plants.