The Plant Provocateur Shop – Opening March

Palm Frond Night Moves Kaleidoscope

|Palm Frond Kaleidoscope|

Hello everyone and Happy New Year.  2015 is gonna be a BIG year for The Plant Provocateur!  After all the talk, after all the dreaming, I’m finally taking the leap and opening a brick-and-mortar plantasy.  In fact, I’m typing, this very post, from the cabinet of curiosities that will be the official Plant Provocateur HQ.  I say cabinet because being a first time shop keeper I’m going to keep things a bit intimate.  You know me…provocative.

Coming Soon Doors

|TPP Shop Coming Soon|

So here’s the deal.  The Plant Provocateur shop is currently under way with a teeny tiny build out.  New lighting, shelving, a little of this, and a little of that.  My aim is to get those doors open sometime early to mid March.  Crossing fingers, toes, and the beard beneath my nose…things will get growing as planned.

Aloe Kaleidoscope

|Aloe Kaleidoscope|

Now what can you expect?  Beauty, intrigue, and mystery.  The shop will feature signature live plants.  I’ve been searching the world for crazy cool heirloom, exotic, unusual, badass plants, the likes you have never seen. So they’ll be here.  Also, in a slightly different direction, I will be offering cut flowers on a small scale.  Now, I won’t be a full blown florist but I will feature some cut florals from time to time.  Also, for the locals out there, I am providing these pieces by appointment.

Bromeliad Kaleidoscope

|Bromeliad Kaleidoscope|

Let’s see what else?  Oh yeah, The Plant Provocateur will feature a select display of furnishings and ‘figments’ for inside and out.  I’m pretty excited about this and can’t wait to share with you the cool things I’ve found.  Also, the shop will feature occasional classes and featured speakers.  If the subject relates in anyway to the botanical world around us…we’ll be talking about it.

Magnolia kaleidoscope

|Magnolia kaleidoscope|

So a lot of people, have asked, “What will The Plant Provocateur be about?”  You know when you start a business it’s always a good idea to have a mission statement; something that defines the very being of what the heck it is you’re about to do.  Well mine is simply this… Inspire With Plants.  Yeah, you may of heard it before.  It might sound a bit cliché, but wait and see what I do with this mission.  I’ve been feeling extraordinarily creative as of late.  I hope to explore things that are beyond our expectations.  I call it the Future Flora Initiative.  I want you to fall in love with plants and what they inspire, perhaps in ways you never thought you would.  Like the saying goes…big things have small beginnings.  Well, that’s how it will start.  Now, moving forward, my mission is to make it exciting and thrive.  Stay tuned.

FiddleHead Kaleidoscope

|FiddleHead Kaleidoscope|


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The Plant Provocateur Is Back With A Holiday Pop Up!

2014 Holiday Pop Up Flyer

Sat 12/13 + Sun 12/14 12-5p

And after a hiatus…The Plant Provocateur is back and bringing it to you Holiday Style.  For all of you Los Angeles peeps  It’s Holiday Pop Up Time!  Come on down this Sat 12/13 and Sunday 12/14 from 12-5pm and see what’s been going on.  Still need some holiday decor?  We’ve got that!  Need some quick gifts…artisanal organic chocolates, organic apothecary products for bath and body, some of the best vintage denim wears in all of L.A., groovy holiday stocking to put all your gifts in, and maybe a wreath to hang on the door or use as a holiday centerpiece?  The Plant Provocateur and friends have got you covered.

Wreath Set 1

|Clockwise from L to R: Corymbia | Silver Fox in Crimson | Orbit Blue | Tilly|

But wait there’s more…on the patio there will be pet adoption, free spay/neuter services, animal advocacy charitable clothing, as well as every dollar spent on coffee at Muddy Paw Coffee provides a donation to animal rescue charities.  So come on down…support local business and good causes.

Oh and I forgot…you’ll get to see the future location of The Plant Provocateur shop coming Spring 2015!


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Puttin’ The Sass in Crass(ula) – Crassula falcata

Crassula falcata floral detail

|Close Up Crassula falcata in flower|

Lipstick cherry all over!  I’m loving the vibrant visual these flowers are giving.  They heat up the lens in such a succulent, sumptuous way.  This beautiful blast of color comes to us from a super cool, awesomely architectural succulent known as Crassula falcata.  This South African succulent is one you should know and one you should grow!  It is commonly referred to as the Propellor Plant, Airplane Plant, or Scarlet Paintbrush.  The later moniker refers to the amazing display of flowers that erupt from this sculptural succulent in late summer, which tends to be a time when things are fairly quiet in the drought tolerant succulent garden.  Crassula falcata’s flowers can set the scenery ablaze for almost a month.  It’s a delicious spectacle to behold.

Crassula falcata flower + foliage + form

|Crassula falcata flower + foliage + form|

The truly unique feature of Crassula falcata is its propellor-like foliage that looks as though it’s made of stone.  The leaves stack themselves in an angular fashion, one on top of the other, to create a stylishly sculptural display of cool graphic form.

Crassula falcata tends to grow slowly in an upright, semi-branchless, clumping form up to 2 feet tall and wide.  It does great in both full sun and light shade conditions.  It likes a well-draining, cactus soil mix and requires low amounts of water to thrive.  In hot locations, it looks best if it gets a bit more water.  As for hardiness, if you grow it outside, it’s hardy down to 25 degrees fahrenheit/-3 degrees celsius.

If you’re into succulents, this is definitely one for the collection.  If you’re into graphic design decor, this is definitely a cool candidate for some fashionable foliage for a container indoors in a bright sunny room or as a conversation piece out on the balcony, porch, or patio.

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My Cuppa Cobaea Overfloweth – Cobaea scandens

Cobaea scandens CU floral profile

|Cobaea scandens CU floral profile|

Are you feeling this?  Won’t you join me…in the purple rain?  As the above image hints…something vivid…something vibrant is making itself known.  Question.  Are you experienced?  Well, if not, welcome to the lush and luxurious world of Cobaea scandens,  commonly referred to as the Cup-And-Saucer Vine or Cathedral Bells Vine.  Here is a case of a plant that I absolutely love to grow.  Why?  Well, for me, it has been one of the easiest plants to grow and it really delivers what a plant-a-holic, such as myself, craves.  It’s got it all!

Cobaea scandens foliage + form

|Cobaea scandens foliage + form|

The foliage of Cobaea scandens forms on whip-like vining tendrils and stems of jungle green, with some bits steeped in rich warm color.  The foliage, itself, emerges in pistachio and rich pinot noir hues.  As the foliage matures, it settles on a sophisticated elliptical form that radiates a luxuriously rich palette of soothing green combinations.

Cobaea scandens bud + tendril + leaf

|Cobaea scandens bud + tendril + leaf|

In midsummer, papery lantern-like flower buds emerge from the fabric of its foliage signaling a forecast for an opulent outpouring of fantastical-floral-lusciousness .  The sepals of the flower open to form a saucer-like shape from which strong petals make themselves known and iris open to form a cup-like floret to accompany its saucer.

Cobaea scandens phases of flower

|Cobaea scandens phases of flower|

The results are stunning and can satiate even the finickiest of floral appetites!  The flowers are sizable, 4-5 inches, but not too big.  At first, as flowers open, they appear void of any color.  But in the day to follow the petals will blush in colors of pink and soft lilac. Then, usually, on day two after opening, the flowers are a flood of rich, vibrant purple color.  The color is so true and so affecting that you’ll be hard pressed to not fall under its spell of tropical allure.

Cobaea scandens can be treated as an annual vine in areas where temps fall below 25 degrees fahrenheit/-3 degrees celsius.  In temperate areas it will remain perennial. Vines can grow up to 25 feet long.  It can engulf a fence or trellis in one season and kick out an amazing display of flowers from summer through late autumn.  It likes full sun to part shade conditions, regular to fertile, well-draining soil, average water, and the occasional feeding of fertilizer.  In areas where it remains perennial, cutting back vines at the start of the following growing season can encourage bushier, lush growth.

I originally got a 4″ container start of Cobaea scandens from the amazing Annies Annuals.  Later on, I found that Botanical Interest have seed for it.  I also, hope to have a nice crop of it for sale next spring at The Plant Provocateur shop.  It is so well worth planting! Wait, what?  The Plant Provocateur shop.  What is he on about now?





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Give 2 Me Your Leather. Take From Me My Lace. – Alsobia dianthiflora

Alsobia dianthiflora petal detail

|Alsobia dianthiflora petal detail|

So lately, in my world, a hot topic has been super sexy houseplants.  I know that might sound a bit racy for some of you, but, I’m talking about houseplants that offer a little more than a lump of static greenery.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some outstanding green foliage houseplants out there.  You just gotta know where to look. In my travels this summer, I stumbled across a plant that I don’t see too often.  Don’t know if you’ve met?  Everyone…this is Alsobia dianthiflora.  Alsobia dianthiflora this is everyone.

Alsobia dianthiflora floral profile

|Alsobia dianthiflora flowers|

In some circles, this gorgeous angel of elegance is referred to as Episcia dianthiflora and commonly in others as the Lace Flower Vine.  It is in the gesneriad family of plants.  You know some of Alsobia’s common name cousins…African Violet and Gloxinia.  When I first saw the fringe and frill of its dreamy, illuminating ivory flowers I was a goner.   So elegant yet so savage.  Be still my horticultural heart!  Alsobia dianthiflora comes to us from the climes of places like southern Mexico and Costa Rica.  It is a perennial plant that is replete with sumptuously soft, downy deep green leaves and produces stunning white trumpet-like flowers, whose petals are detailed in a filigree of white foxy fringe.  As an added bonus, for those who like to look a bit closer, the throat of each flower is delicately spotted with dreamy drops of violet color.

Alsobia dianthiflora foliage + flower + form

|Alsobia dianthiflora foliage + flower + form|

Alsobia dianthiflora likes bright, indirect light, shady spots, and can tolerate a part-sun situation outdoors.  It vines up to around 3 feet long if it’s happy and gets about 8″ tall.  It’s low and likes to stroll.  It likes to set its roots down in a well-draining, fertile soil and prefers regular water.  It’s hardy down to around 35 degrees fahrenheit/1.6 degrees celsius, if outdoors.  I keep mine on the porch and let it creep and sprawl its way around.  Looks so luxurious that way.  It also does well indoors and makes for one sexy houseplant.  So if you’re in the mood for a houseplant with a lush, plush, knight-in-white-satin kind of vibe… look for, find, and grow Alsobia dianthiflora. You can find them online here.  You might even find them at The Plant Provocateur. Huh?!  What’s that you say?  Stay tuned…

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